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Whether your wheels are anodised, diamond cut, painted and lacquered or powder coated our guys will be able to ensure that your wheels continue to look great.

Your wheels deserve this

Good looking wheels help to maintain a car's resale value.. plus... they just look good

Bespoke Graphics

On top of polishing and custom colouration, graphics/stickers can be applied as per customer requests

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ATM Alloys

ATM alloys are nottingham's leading Alloy wheel repair and refurbishment company.

originally based in kimberley, ATM alloys have moved location to the radford area of nottingham in november 2017 and are even more conviently located to serve nottingham with the best alloy wheel modifications and repairs alloys

Experts in Alloy wheel refurbishment and repairs

Over 15 years combined experience in alloy wheel refurbishment and repairs

A local company with a solid reputation for high quality work

Our Process

Alloy wheels are one of the most important additions manufacturers use to enhance the appearance of their new models.

Keeping them in tip-top condition maintains your cars original appeal and financial worth. Our alloy wheel repair service can match any colour or finish to suit the requirements of your cars specification – we can even custom-paint!

The way that we work is that we will allocate a time slot for you to bring your car in and we aim to get the wheels repaired within 3 hours.

To get your alloys looking new again, they go through a lengthy process. All our processes have been approved by leading vehicle manufactures top engineers. This gives you peace of mind knowing that our process will not damage your wheels or compromise your safety in any way.

Stage one shows the wheel how we first recieve it, if a tyre is fitted we remove it before we start so that we have full access to the wheel rim.

For stage two we chemically strip the alloy so that it is fully stripped of its old finish.

Next, stage three, your wheel is put into our shot blasting cabinet to remove any corrosion and pitting in the surface; this also highlights any imperfections which can then be dressed and filled. We then wash the wheel before preparing it for powder.

Stage four consists of simply preping the wheel ready for powder. This gives the wheel a rather matt look.

Stage five is powder coating to give the alloys a shiny gloss, it is then cured at around 200°C!

Finally stage six is painting the alloy with any special paint effect you wish. To finish it off we add a coat of crystal clear lacquer to enhance and protect the finish, again cured at a very high temperature. The wheel is then polished up to perfection.

We then carry out a full inspection of the wheel before returning it to you, and/or fitting the tyre back to your wheel, depending on what service you have selected.

You will end up with a wheel looking as good as new!

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Our Promise

Our promise to you is that we will deliver the highest quality of workmanship, coupled with the best customer service in order to provide an excellent experience overall.

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Unit 1B, Universal Court, Radford Road, Basford, Nottingham, NG7 7AB

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Having my wheels done with the team at ATM Alloys was the best decision I ever made.
James Brewer

Did a good job with my wheels, would defo use them again.
Andres Carter