Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my alloy wheels to be repaired?

We aim to get your wheels repaired in under 3 hours although for some services we may need to have the wheels for longer.

Will my alloy wheels to be rebalanced after they have been repaired?

Most of the time the answer is no. However there may be circumstances where we may need to do so. We would let you know if we had to do any rebalancing of your wheels.

Once repaired will my alloy wheels look as good as new?

An expert may be able to tell that they have been refurbished but to anyone else they will pretty much look brand new.

Can you refurbish any make of alloy wheel?

We are quietly confident that we can repair your wheels. However, with so many product manufacturers we can't be 100%, but we are 99.99% certain that we will be able to repair your wheels.

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Having my wheels done with the team at ATM Alloys was the best decision I ever made.
James Brewer

Did a good job with my wheels, would defo use them again.
Andres Carter